Volunteer your time and help co-create and amplify programs that invests in the long-term health and prosperity of the inner-city community.

GROCERIES FOR OUR NEIGHBORS is an incredible program offered by UPLA for communities in need. Every Saturday morning, volunteers hand out free groceries to 300-500 people at First Church. For the past 25 years, an amazing team has provided food to hundreds of thousands of people in need.

WITHOUT LIMITS is a free math tutoring program for inner city kids ages 6 to 11, held in the basement of First Church. One of the initiatives UPLA is currently developing is the Free Breakfast for Children program.

Other community programs include: field trips where children and families have an opportunity to explore areas beyond their neighborhood, and free Zumba exercise classes. Volunteers are now working to develop UPLA’s programs with additional tutors, ESL classes, and reading and health programs.

Whether you have talents and skills in arts, teaching, math, education, or just want to use some extra time you have to help out the local community, we offer a variety of ways to be part of community building!

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our UPLA Volunteer Form and a member of our team will reach out: UPLA VOLUNTEER FORM.